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b'Jan 28, 2019 \xc2\xb7 Metallurgy Industrial Crane. Metallurgy industrial Overhead cranes are designed to be operated efficiently, uninterruptedly and safely in continuous use. Has a leading technology, high performance, worth having. Normally there are four beams and two trolleys assembled on the crane, ...'

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b'Overhead crane for metallurgy is a hot-selling product series manufactured by Nucelon Crane Company. It is mainly used for lifting ladles, steel pipes, steel plates, coils, beam steel, steel craps, etc. in the field of metallurgy. The sling can be hook, grab, electromagnetic spreader, clamp, etc.'

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b'It is widely used in metallurgy and machining workshops to assemble and transport black products and materials with magnetic permeability, such as steel ingots, section steel, pig iron blocks, scrap iron and scrap steel, etc. QC Magnetic Overhead Crane For Handling Black Metals. Get A Free Quote'

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b'BZ pillar jib crane 5t-5.5m-H4m; Double girder overhead crane applied in Stainless steel tubes company Finland Types of cranes and hoists in Finland crane project: Double girder overhead crane; Single girder electric hoist crane for sale in Morocco metallurgy plant LD Single Girder Electric Hoist Crane Y3t-18m, , ,'

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b'ZPKE double-girder overhead travelling cranes are the cost-effective entry-level models for Demag indoor cranes. ZPKE profile-section girders impress by virtue of their high degree of efficiency and offer an alternative to box-section girders \xe2\x80\x93 especially for small spans. The lifting height is high however \xe2\x80\x93'

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b'A solid investment in handling efficiency and performance. Our double-girder overhead traveling cranes offer exceptional load capacity for a low deadweight. Their outstanding crane geometry also provides for extremely good travel characteristics, which minimizes wear on the end carriages and crane runway. The ...'

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b'QDY Steel Making Industry High Temperature Double Girder Ladle Hook Overhead Crane is mainly used at the place where the molten metal is lifted. The working class of the complete machine is FEM 4M, and the thermal-protective coating is added at the bottom of the main .'

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b'Overhead Cranes. Lifting capacity of Clescrane overhead crane can reach 320 tons. Our standard serial products include single girder, double girder overhead crane and suspension crane. In addition, we can provide tailored solutions according to your special industry needs. The applications are from simple ...'