QC type heavy duty 20 ton electromagnetic overhead bridge crane for lifting rebar

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b'Grab cranes, Electromagnetic Cranes, explosion proof cranes are all heavy-lift cranes from overhead bridge crane factory. Types of Heavy Duty Overhead Crane for Sale. Founded in 1973, our cranes have been successfully exported to over 90 countries and regions. We provides different heavy duty cranes, 15'

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b'50 ton overhead crane is a kind of heavy duty overhead crane, and it can be used to heavy duty working environment and works for a long time than light duty crane.It has higher work duty than light weight crane and has higher work efficiency. It is widely applied to machining and production process, metallurgy , , , , , , ...'

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b'The electromagnetic crane is generally divided into two types according to the type of electromagnetic chuck. AQ-QC type overhead magnetic crane is the most commonly and widely used crane in the steel recovery and making plant. It is typically designed with magnetic chuck to complete the lifting and .'

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b'AIMIX Group Co., Ltd, a famous crane supplier and manufacturer, specializes in producing and exporting lifting machinery equipment for years and has much experience about business and technology.Its factory is Yufei Heavy Industry Group, a leader with 55 years history in crane industry. Tel: 0086-371-55036316 : +86 180 3910 1075\xef\xbc\x88 \xef\xbc\x89 ...'

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b'Bridge cranes can be divided into three grades according to the lifting weight: 5~10t small overhead crane, 10~50t medium overhead crane, and more than 50t heavy duty overhead crane. Span The span of a bridge crane refers to the distance between the center lines of the wheels at both ends of the main'

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b'AQ-QZ double girder grab overhead crane. 1. AQ-QZ grab bridge cranes are widely used in power plants, freight yards, workshops, wharf, etc. for bulk cargo handling and transportation. 2. The crane has a heavy duty system with a working level of A6. 3. The way of entering the \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Nov 21, 2016 \xc2\xb7 Wide application of 40 ton overhead crane. As one kind of heavy duty overhead crane, 40t bridge crane has wide application. It is generally applied in many different working conditions, such as warehouse, construction site, mining, logistics factory, machinery processing etc. Features of 40 ton'

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b'20 ton overhead crane is a big crane with large loading capacity. It is widely used for lifting and transporting material in warehouse, factory, assemble line, material handling yard, industrial site. 20 ton bridge crane has reliable performance, and can lift heavy \xe2\x80\xa6'