Oxygen lance pipe for cleaning ladle well blocks DN15

Sell Oxygen lance pipe for EAF using(id:24200069) - EC21

b'Oxygen Lance Pipe,are small diameter pipes used with oxygen is an invaluable tool for the primary metals industry. It is used daily in almost all ferrous and non-ferrous primary production facilities. 1. : 2. : 3. : (1/) 4. : 5.'

Purging Systems and Components - Vesuvius

b'Housing Blocks Blocks typically experience higher turbulence than the rest of the lower lining, so Vesuvius customizes blocks to suit your ladle lining. We use a range of designs and high-quality materials for a perfect taper \xef\xac\x81 t with Vesuvius purge plugs. Design options include lifting hook con\xef\xac\x81 guration and .'

SGTEX Inc. Steel Ladle purging plug test unit by FC Technik AG

b'Aug 13, 2015 \xc2\xb7 Test Unit TST300 1 Functional Description The test unit TST-300 is designed to test the purging plugs between in the ladle preparation area. This to avoid purging failures in the following heat and to prevent the purging plug from unnecessary cleaning (burning, torching) with oxygen. Nitrogen or .'

Products & Services – Alliance Thermal Engineers

b'In, horizontal preheaters the lid sizes and shape shall change as per the ladle opening. Heating stations are designed for single or various heating positions (e.g. The preheater is trolley mounted type)On request'

Burning Bars Or Thermal Lance Used For Lancing Tap Holes ...

b'Thermic Cutting Lance uses a bundle of iron,alloy or magnesium rods inside hollow steel tube to create a self-sustaining and extremely hot cutting flame which can cut through just about anything. The high temperature(7000 to 8000\xc3\x82\xc2\xb0F, or 3,871\xc3\x82\xc2\xb0C to 4,426\xc3\x82\xc2\xb0C) generated is greater than the melting point of any - ...'

Underwater Cutting Rod For Marine Technology

b'Underwater Cutting Lance has many uses in industry for both dry and wet applications. Typical uses include cutting steel bracing on offshore structures, pipelines, removing tap hole and pierce foundations, , , .'

US4795066A - Ladle nozzle insert - Google Patents

b'An elongated steel tube, adapted to be filled with a high fusion temperature sand is positioned in a stationary refractory nozzle and its supporting refractory bore of a steel pouring ladle bottom nozzle before molten steel is first poured from a steel making furnace into a refractory-lined pouring ladle and ...'

ANew Molten Steel Using Fine Bubbles

b'ISIJ International. Vol. alternate pressurisation method for ultra clean steel production. At elevated pressure gas is forced to dissolve into steel. By abruptly reducing the pressure to a low level, the gas released from thesuper-saturated melt forms fine bubbles onthe surfaces of the solid inclusions. .'