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b'We provide high temperature load cells with survivability up to 550\xc2\xb0F for Turrets, Transfer Cars, both Ladle and Scrap Cars. We routinely construct load cells for Billet weighing systems, Coil Scales, and Rolling Mill Stands in any capacity - some in excess of 5,000,000 lbs.'

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b'High resistance to the influences of temperature; Customized high-temperature load cell weigh modules with wire or wireless inter connectivity; High accuracy and reliability; Simple design and assembly; Minimum number of installed parts; Optional wireless weight data transfer to ground level control room / / 4-20'

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b'Load Cells from HBM: Always the Right Solution for Your Application. HBM weighing technology is synonymous with precision, safety, dependability, and quality. The brand stands for innovative capacity as well as flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet virtually any customer requirement. We are also ...'

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b'These improvements over previous load cell designs give the FX29 more precise dimensional control and better performance. FX29 Force Load Cell (English) The FX29 is a compact compression load cell from TE Connectivity (TE) that offers exceptional price-to-performance in a robust sensor package with a , , .'

Measuring Temperatures in Furnaces with Oxidizing Atmospheres

b'Sep 03, 2018 \xc2\xb7 High Temperature Measurement Options. XTA, XMO, XPA, XIN Series. The upper limit for thermistor devices is around 100\xc2\xb0C (212\xc2\xb0F) and RTDs are limited to around 750\xc2\xb0C (1382\xc2\xb0F). That leaves thermocouples and infrared pyrometers or imagers as the most suitable devices for measuring'

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b'At BLH Nobel, we supply both standardized and custom products but always solutions engineered to help our customers to optimize their processes. Since decades, we serve a wide range of industries. With a long record of accomplishments, our customers can be found all over the world, in more than 100 . &'

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b'Temperature limits of HBM strain gauges are: Pre-wired SG: 150\xc2\xb0C. Y + G series: 200\xc2\xb0C. C series: 250\xc2\xb0C. M series: 300\xc2\xb0C. Of course the temperature limit of the adhesive you are using must also be observed. If an adhesive becomes soft as the temperature rises, the strain will no longer be accurately transfered.'


b'dynamic variation-load under heavy net weight. Suitable in industrial weighing systems, such as hopper scales, quantity packing scales, batching. Scales, truck scales, railroad scales, ladle scales in metallurgy area and high heat crane scales 180 M VIEW 235 K VIEW 235 140 4\xe2\x80\x94M10 20 90 www.mk-cells.com 10 20 90 9001:2015 35'