10t Lifting Ladle Metallurgical Electric Hoist For Steel Making Industry

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b"Jun 09, 2012 \xc2\xb7 MD1 Double Speed Electric Hoist 1.0 Under slung winch \\'MD1 Double Speed Electric Hoist Lifting Capacity 5 tonne, lift Height 6meter wire rope 8 mm and 30 meters in length. Codes that shall be met AS2550 Crane Hoists and Winches Safe Use AS1418 Cranes (including Hoists and Winches)"

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b'May 29, 2021 \xc2\xb7 Electric hoist is a special lifting equipment, mounted on the overhead cranes, gantry cranes or Jib cranes. Electric hoist has the features of small size, light weight, simple and easy operation, it is usually used in industrial and mining enterprise'

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b'Wire rope electric hoist is a kind of small-sized lifting equipment, which can be installed independently working in steel or H-steel, but also with the single girder bridge crane, hoist double girder bridge crane, gantry crane and hoist jib crane hoisting equipment such as supporting the use of.'

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b'Sep 30, 2020 \xc2\xb7 Electric Code". If the trolley hoist is installed as part of a total lifting system, such as an overhead crane or monorail, it Trolley Hoist Capacity Rating 10T 7 . 1 10t electric hoist trolley, 1 10t'

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b'Aicrane 10 ton chain hoist for sale. 10 ton electric chain hoist owns more compact structure than electric wire rope 10 ton hoist for sale. Usually, the 10 ton chain hoist is made up of motor, transmission mechanism and chain wheel. The big different from the electric wire rope is that the 10 ton electric chain'

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b'Metallurgical electric hoist is a metallurgical wire rope electric hoist specially used for lifting molten metal or other high temperature solid objects. It can be used with single girder overhead crane, , , . .'

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b'QDY/YZ casting cranes are the main equipment in the steel-making industry. They are used in the steel-making workshop to lift parallel steel and hot metal, and work in high-temperature, dusty and harsh environments. The working level of the whole machine is A7, A8. Other places for lifting molten non-metallic'

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b'CWD Series Ladle Handling Cranes. Lifting Capacity: 75t/20t~280t/50t. Span: 10.5m~30m. Working Class: A7,A8. Clescrane provides Double and Four girder ladle cranes, Ladle/Charging Handling Cranes'